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Evolve WMMA Show #76 With Julia Dorny

Evolve WMMA Show hosted by Shelley Devine | Julia Dorny - A Multifaceted Champion

A Multifaceted Champion and Beyond

Julia Dorny, a remarkable German athlete boasting a record of 2-1 in the Featherweight 145 lbs division, graces the Evolve WMMA Show with her presence. Dorny is not just a force on the mat but also shines as a media scientist, journalist, television presenter, and empowering voice for women in mixed martial arts. She holds titles as a Featherweight MMA World & European Champion, has claimed eight gold medals at the World Games, and is a four-time National Champion in Judo and Sumo wrestling.

Rising in the Ranks: The Journey to Invicta 54

This week, the 33-year-old German fighter is set to clash with “Rad” Riley Martinez of Idaho at the renowned House of Blues in Boston, marking her debut at Invicta 54. Dorny comes off a challenging bout in the PFL Challenger series, where she faced Jeslen Mishelle and looks to rebound and showcase her skills and resilience in the upcoming featherweight contest.

Empowering Through Media and Martial Arts

Julia Dorny is a leading voice in women’s empowerment in martial arts, hosting the “Women Hit Harder Podcast” and being featured in IMMAF's promotional short, “You are Strong.” Her journey in martial arts began at the age of seven with Judo, and she has since earned a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In August 2023, Dorny showcased her versatility by competing in ESPN’s The Ocho Pillow Fight Championship, where she clinched a $5,000 victory.

Philosophy and Resilience: The Core of Dorny’s Beliefs

Dorny lives by the mantra “Hero’s have scars,” reflecting on her extensive experience of 800 judo matches and the importance of learning from losses. She carries a constant reminder of her philosophy and love for Judo with a tattoo representing love, loyalty, and Judo on her left arm. Dorny views herself as a role model and continues to inspire through her podcast and work as a presenter, on-air reporter, media scientist, and speaker for Deutsche Welle TV.

Join the Action at Invicta FC 54

Don’t miss the chance to witness Julia Dorny in action at Invicta FC 54. Secure your tickets here and be part of an empowering night of women’s MMA!


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