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The Host


My Mission

I'm Shelley Devine the founder & host of the Evolve Women's MMA Podcast & Blog. The Evolve Women's MMA Podcast is currently the ONLY podcast that solely features female fighters in combative sports! As the name Evolve Women's MMA implies, I want to work with promoting fighters and interact with fight fans as women's mixed martial arts evolves.

My Goal

My hope is that by hosting EVOLVE Women's MMA Podcast together we Inspire, empower, and unleash excellence within a new generation of female fighters as they rise & evolve into the best possible version of themselves through the power of mixed martial arts!

Evolve Women's MMA Podcast & Blog features women who go against conventional thinking to pursue their dreams. They are female fighters, who've gained respect by taking the reigns in  male dominated arenas, specifically the UFC and Bellator. These female fighters have inspiring stories to tell filled with real life joy, passion, blood, sweat and tears! Evolve Women's MMA makes sure their voices are heard!


Check Out My MMA Scrap Book

UFC Fighter Ken Florian
Tara LaRosa
Me teeping Rachel (2)
Kru Mark_handwrap
Bas Rutten at SYT
Girl w Pat Cote
Copy of 228_2820
Kerri Kennison prodebut CES44_2017
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