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Evolve WMMA Show #75 With Fernanda Araujo

Updated: Oct 24

Evolve WMMA Show hosted by Shelley Devine | Fernanda Araujo - Journey to InvictaFC 54 Embracing Challenges and Pursuing Dreams

A Lifetime of Dedication to Martial Arts

Fernanda "Ferocious" Araujo (2-3), a seasoned bantamweight fighter weighing 135 lbs, brings her wealth of experience to the Evolve WMMA Show. Holding black belts in Karate and Judo, along with a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Araujo has been immersed in martial arts since the age of three. Today, she's not only a fighter but also a mentor and teacher at Sityodtong in Somerville, MA.

Debut at Invicta FC 54: A Dream Realized

Having called Boston her second home for 14 years, Araujo is ecstatic to make her debut at Invicta FC 54, facing Maria Djukic (2-1-0) in a bantamweight bout at the House of Blues on October 27th. This fight is a significant moment for her, marking a new chapter in her journey in women’s MMA.

Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Araujo is no stranger to adversity, coming off two losses at Combat Zone. However, she holds a positive and resilient mindset, understanding that losses are a part of life and a chance to grow and improve. She finds excitement and motivation in fighting in front of her students, friends, and family, cherishing the opportunity to showcase her skills on such a grand stage.

The Power of Passion and Faith

Araujo’s journey is fueled by her passion for martial arts and her unwavering faith. She believes in the power of prayer and draws strength from her spiritual practices, finding solace in gospel music and her pre-fight rituals. She emphasizes the importance of patience, humility, and the willingness to take risks.

Empowering Others Through Confidence

Araujo takes pride in empowering her students, ranging from ages 3 to 64, using her journey as a source of inspiration. She believes in the power of confidence and encourages her students to believe in their potential.

A Life Inspired and Accomplished

Inspired by the legendary Cris Cyborg Santos, Araujo’s journey brought her to Boston at the age of 18, where she faced the challenge of learning a new language while training under the guidance of 2x Olympic Bronze Medalist Jimmy Pedro. Her achievements in martial arts are vast, and she holds prestigious titles in Judo, Karate Shotokan, and Jiu-Jitsu. With aspirations to reach the UFC and open her own gym, Araujo is a true embodiment of dedication and empowerment.

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