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Evolve WMMA Show #74 With Riley Martinez

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Evolve WMMA Show hosted by Shelley Devine | Riley Martinez- Making A Change

"Rad" Riley Martinez (2-0), Featherweight, 145 lbs, is on the rise, making waves in the women's MMA scene. Joining us from the serene mountains of Idaho and a dedicated member of SBG Idaho, she's gearing up for a riveting featherweight bout against Germany’s Julia Dorny (2-1). The highly anticipated match is set to take place at Boston's Citizens House of Blues on October 27th, during the Invicta FC 54 event.

Embracing Change for Ultimate Success

In this special episode of the Evolve WMMA Show, we delve into Riley’s transformative journey, highlighting the pivotal changes that propelled her forward in the competitive world of mixed martial arts. Acknowledging her initial uncoachable attitude, Riley shares her realization of the need for a mindset shift. This transformation allowed her to open up, absorb her coaches’ teachings, and hone her skills like never before.

Riley bravely opens up about her personal battles, including overcoming a heart condition that required surgery in elementary school. Born with an extra valve causing erratic blood flow and heart rate issues, she endured a year-long wait before undergoing open heart surgery, a challenge she conquered with resilience.

A Glimpse Into Riley’s World

At 32, Riley’s life in Eagle, Idaho is rich and fulfilling. With three sisters, a nearly decade-long tenure at SBG Idaho, and a full-time job at a machine shop, she’s a woman of many talents. Her passions extend to the great outdoors, skydiving, horror movies, and a profound love for food. A romantic chapter in her life unfolded at the gym, where she met her husband, a black belt and one of the main jiu-jitsu coaches at SBG Idaho.

Embracing a day-by-day philosophy, Riley is on a relentless pursuit of her brown belt in jiu-jitsu, with aspirations of excelling in Invicta and possibly stepping into the UFC octagon in the future. She cherishes the idea of fighting in her hometown for Front Street Fights, a nod to her roots and community.

Riley on Success, Failure, and Overcoming Fear

Riley’s approach to success is grounded in active recovery, consistent training, and a resilient mindset. She acknowledges the inevitability of failure but emphasizes the importance of moving forward and focusing on the present. As a strong, intense woman, she finds empowerment in MMA, viewing it as a journey of self-discovery rather than a battlefield of fear.

Essential Practices for an Empowered Life

Riley credits her success to a combination of a positive mindset, unwavering support from her gym and team, a balanced diet, daily training, and maintaining an overall positive outlook on life. She stands confident, ready to tackle any challenge, training alongside men with a fearless and badass spirit.

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